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What is it all about? Our object is to comment the web. In a free and open society we all should have our say with regard to the topics that are important to us. We give people that opportunity. is the comment solution for websites that want to allow comments but do not want to host them on their own site.

This is a place for free, albeit polite, expression. We do have standards and we expect our users to abide by them. Refrain from foul language and try not to insult the intelligence of others. Refrain from spam. While it is okay to hype a worthy product in the appropriate context, it is not appropriate to plaster repetitive or mindless comments on hundreds of pages.

This website is policed both algorithmically and by humans. Comments and even topics have a shelf-life. Intelligent and cogent discussion will survive. All else will erode away. When writing comments try to be both timely and timeless. A good gauge on the quality of your comment is to think whether you would want to say it directly to the person concerned.

We hope you enjoy your time spent on CommonTater.

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